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LinkedIn is the leading business-oriented social networking site for professionals. It has more than 300 million acquired users, in more than 200 countries and territories.

As LinkedIn is available in 20 different languages, it got a hold on all over the world. Quantcast reports LinkedIn has 65.6 million monthly unique U.S. visitors and 178.4 million visitors globally!! This is a pretty decent figure, which makes LinkedIn an excellent place for you to promote your products and services, find talent and share news and updates. For your business, you must take advantage of this business-to-business resource.
How LinkedIn is Different?

LinkedIn is different from the other social networking sites as it is designed exclusively for the purpose of professional networking. LinkedIn has the more focused professional environment unlike Facebook. Facebook is more of a leisure social network, where people share their informal life.

Facebook is considered best for business-to-consumers (B2C) companies to interact with their potential customers. However, LinkedIn works best for business-to-business (B2B) companies.

For B2B companies on Facebook, there are very less chance of getting target audience for their business. B2B companies might create awareness about their brand on Facebook; but, LinkedIn gives them more dedicated viewers for their business talks. So, having your LinkedIn profile is not enough for your B2B business. You must have your company page for your business as well.

LinkedIn has the strongest monetization strategy in all of the social networks. In Kuwait, with the boom of digital marketing, usage of LinkedIn is rising with quite a high pace. Following are the statistics:

LinkedIn Profiles

If you are a business man, a LinkedIn profile is a must for your career. LinkedIn lets you to add photos and videos to your profile summary. So, instead of just talking about your business, you can validate it with examples. You can add your video summary and can share a presentation as well.

Common Mistakes while Writing LinkedIn Profile

I see people in Kuwait often do some common mistakes, which can really tamper their business representation. They just take LinkedIn profiles as other social networking sites’ profiles. But you know, LinkedIn is a bit different. If you are looking for better professional possibilities for your business, better avoid these following common mistakes:

Not Using /Using an Irrelevant Profile Picture

Profile Picture acts as the face for your co-operate LinkedIn profile. Putting a wrong image or no image at all can really distract your clients away! Just think, would you ever like to talk to a person without a face? Or having a face of an animal? You would never. Rather you would run away! Wouldn’t it be wrong, having an expectation for your LinkedIn profile to perform well without/with a wrong picture? It is certainly incorrect! So, use a clear, correct and professional image as the profile picture.

Multiple LinkedIn profiles

You can have only one LinkedIn profile at a time. Having multiple profiles is not even unethical but can create confusions as well. Be sure you don’t create multiple profiles accidently by accepting an invitation to join via email (email ID that is not registered on LinkedIn).

LinkedIn User Agreement Reference 10.2.7
“Don’t undertake the following: Use or attempt to use another’s account or create a false identity on LinkedIn;”

Tips for LinkedIn profiles

Using Relevant Headline and Title

Always use your real name for your LinkedIn profile. For headline, be sure you use keywords that target to your profession/business. Don’t use those keywords which are highly searchable but are not relevant to you. Such an attempt may bring some traffic to your profile but it is definitely not going to increase your sale! So, there is no point of doing so. And one more thing, don’t use special characters. It creates hindrance in search process. It is not SEO friendly and doesn’t look professional as well.

Make a Multimedia Profile

Most of the LinkedIn profiles are just plain text. But you know, visual LinkedIn profiles always stand out. Add a Video of your introduction and say about your business. You can also attract customers by validating the quality of your work by attaching some of the examples of your products. Share presentations, photos, videos, links, PDFs to enhance its visibility.

Fill in all the details and keep your profile organized

Never leave your profile details to be filled at some other time. Fill in all the details at the very moment you create your profile and keep on updating it time to time. A well written and organized profile always adds up goodwill to you.

Join LinkedIn Groups

The groups you join reflect what interests you have. You can join the groups of your interest and related to your business as well. Groups give you a great opportunity to meet people who can be beneficial to your business. Groups can be proved as valuable resource, so join and use them wisely.

Give and Ask for Recommendations and Endorsements

Always ask for endorsements and recommendations from the relevant people who are good in their work and whose recommendation can be beneficial to your business. But make sure, you should give before asking. This will show your generosity and will also make those people write for you. Generosity is one thing but make sure whatever you write is true.

Company Pages on LinkedIn

Your business in Kuwait needs a compelling LinkedIn company page to grab the attention of your potential clients. We all know how important is the quality of a resume for an individual to get a worthy job. Same is the scenario with the businesses and the LinkedIn company pages. LinkedIn company page acts as a resume for your business. It helps your clients to find you and know about your products and services. A well written LinkedIn company pages impresses the potential clients and makes them to invest in you.

Steps to create a great Company Page

The home page on a LinkedIn Company Page includes a cover photo, company updates, links to products and services, links to careers, and much more. A short description of the company is incorporated close to the bottom of the page. Implement the following steps in creating your company page and motivate people to click the “Follow” button:

Write a Convincing Summary of Your Company

Write a concise summary of your business/company. Tell the audience about the quality and relevance and need of your products. There is also an “About Us” tab below. Make sure you don’t forget to write the description of your company there as well. Furthermore, be sure to use proper keywords, so people can find your LinkedIn Company Page through related searches.

Add Your Products

Your LinkedIn company page includes a “Products and Services” tab. Here you can give detailed information about your products and services. Make sure your important product is listed first! You can treat this tab as a sales section. So write benefits, show images and give link to purchase your products. You need a good persuasive writing for this section.

Cover Image

This cover will appear on the top of your company page. So, choose an image that is dynamic, which can grab people’s attention and most of all, it should reflect what your business is all about.

Ask for reviews

In products and services section, LinkedIn members can write reviews as testimonials for your products. You can feature them and show then on your website.

Want More?

Above is the information you need for your LinkedIn profile and your company page of your business in Kuwait. Give your LinkedIn profile and your company page a more professional touch by putting up content written by an expert: Contact Us!

Ali Almoosawi

Written By Ali Almoosawi

Web Consultant, Kuwait. Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Advertising. Web Design and Development. Speaker and Trainer.
Ali Almoosawi
Ali Almoosawi

Web Consultant, Kuwait. Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Advertising. Web Design and Development. Speaker and Trainer.

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