Effective Landing Page

5 Key Attributes to an Effective Landing Page

Effective Landing Page: The landing page or landing pages of a company’s website are some of the most important aspects of on-site optimization that a company can invest in.  The reason that landing pages are so vitally important for business can be found in their very name.

The landing page of a company’s website is where a visitor to the site will “land” while first entering the webpage.  This means that the landing page of a company’s website is the first exposure that a client will have with the company and the landing page is often the place where a company will impress or under impress potential clients.

The importance of an effective landing page should be taken seriously by all companies that wish to have a relevant and sale producing website.  But how can one make their landing page, or landing pages, more effective?

Leading to Other Links

A company can have an effective landing page by understanding what a landing page is supposed to do and them optimizing the page to complete those purposes.  There are five basic functions that a quality landing page will fulfill for the website as a whole.

The first is to get a visitor to the site to click on another link, which will make it far more likely that that visitor will move past their initial screening phase into a more serious look into purchasing products or services.  This link can be to another page within the same website or it can be a link to a completely different site, depending on the need for one or the other.

Get the User to Buy Something

Whether it is a product or a service offered by the company, the landing page should promote a sale.  To do this, an effective landing page will have a call to action that will entice and promote a specific product or service offered by the company.

Following Up

The third attribute of an effective landing page is that the landing page will garner permission from the visitor to use information for the company to follow up with the individual.  This means requesting information such as an email address or Facebook invite to offer the consumer additional products in the future.

Invite Visitors to Tell a Friend

A landing page should invite the use to tell a friend of the product or service that they have seen on the landing page of the company.  Whether through the use of social media or other means, the landing page should offer and encourage the visitor to the site to share what they have seen and purchased.


Finally, the fifth attribute of a successful landing page is that it will teach the visitor something about the product, service, or company as a whole.  Sharing knowledge and information on a landing page will help drive more online discussions about the company, which discussions will drive increasing numbers of traffic through promoted SEO.

The importance of an effective landing page is vast and its potential to promote and help grow a company is expansive.  By understanding how to build and shape an effective landing page, a company will be able to drive more sales through their online presence and give their clients the best experience possible with their company’s website.

Ali Almoosawi

Written By Ali Almoosawi

Web Consultant, Kuwait. Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Advertising. Web Design and Development. Speaker and Trainer.
Ali Almoosawi
Ali Almoosawi

Web Consultant, Kuwait. Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Advertising. Web Design and Development. Speaker and Trainer.

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